Houston we have a problem!


June 26, 2014 7:40 a.m.

This shit just got real! We are in the air! OMGosh, it has been fourteen years since I have flown. I giggled and squealed like a little school girl when we took off! Then I saw the ocean, my happy place and squealed again at the pretty view! ( I warned Melissa there may be a lot of giggling and squealing, I am like a kid at new things ha ha) I did feel little u easy flying over the ocean , even for a wee bit of time we did. I don’t mind flying at all, but I think an international flight would bother me.

Anyway, we started the day off at 4:30. After only about three and a half hours sleep. No big deal, sleep if over rated. We get ready in a flash, no make up, not hair curled. So pardon the pictures a la natural lol got to lobby and waited for shuttle, which actually came too fast….. Didn’t they know we were dying for a smoke and knew we will be deprived of one for like six hours until Houston? ( Yeah, I still smoke, don’t want to hear it! Lol) arrive airport, do curbside check in and had that smoke.

Now things are starting to feel real, I been in a state of disbelief for the last few weeks. As I said before I have no problem flying, but at the same time I am feeling a little fear and anticipation at the same time, you know that feeling you get when standing in line for your favorite roller coaster? That!

While standing in line waiting to board, we informed a attendant I am Deaf ( didn’t know there be like closed captioning when they tell you about emergency procedures (I was pleased to see there was) of if we could sit somewhere up front where we could SEE the flight attendant (we couldn’t but doesn’t hurt to ask lol) also just good to let them know) … She was a total Bitch and basically looked at us like “what are you telling me this for?” And said to tell the attendant when we get in the plane.

Now we are on our way, I am trying to write these blogs in pieces, so I write everything that is fresh in my mind. Want to know what is in my mind right now? Someone just farted! Just a little one, I don’t have to pull down the oxygen mask yet!

These seats are so small and the isle is so narrow…. I am on the end seat (darn it I like window!) and every time someone walks by they hit my shoulder. But hey I am not complaining, I am just deliriously happy that I am on his plane to experience every time someone harshly walks by me and makes my shoulder do a 180 and they don’t even say excuse me! Majority just lightly brush up against you, but there are a few who must have been holding their pee for a few hours and in a mad dash to the potty. But I so much rather be experiencing rude people then not be here at all, so bring it!

Ok, time to sign off for now, my iPad battery drains really fast. So I am going to shut off I need it to last all day. Time to watch out the window and see if the Twilight Zone man is there ( if u never watched that show ignore that comment) and enjoy the turbulence! Weeeee! Oh, by the way, Melissa is already snoozing next to me…..lucky bitch! (See pic below, if she approves it lol) I can’t sleep in any type of vehicles.

4:10 p.m.

“Houston we have a problem” p

Just took off from Houston. Staring out the window and it is so beautiful out there. Big puffy white cotton candle clouds. We didn’t get a window seat (bummer lol) but Unlike the last flight, I can see out. Last flight the lady at the window kept it closed the while flight until the last ten minutes. I know it was because she was napping, but still, I wanted to see! The man next to me is already sleeping and he kept it open, yay! Melissa is starting to doze off too…. I am. Eat, I wish I could sleep on plane. Ha be only slept about five hours last two days.

Our first flight was pretty mellow, not much turbulence. I suspect we will have more his time. Was raining in Houston and there was dark clouds everywhere. Ha ha I think I just jinxed us, bumpity bump bump the plane goes. Weeeee lol

When we got off the other plane, we took out ticket out to see which gate we needed to go too. After glancing we realized we did not have a seat together! Not acceptable! Lol By this time we are really joneses for a ciggy, hungry because we had not ate anything yet and tired from little sleep. A deadly combination, not to mention we are female! Hee hee We go stand in line of the customer service counter, wasted about 30 minutes of our time we had to smoke, eat and pee. But it did get resolved once we got up to the counter and pretty fast….. Melissa is sitting next to me now looking all sweet snuggled with her purple froggy pillow! (More turbulence!!)

After the we finished with customer service we jetted it outside for that smoke. As we were sitting there a lady approaches me and hands me a whole unopened pack if smokes, same brand I smoke. I think she saw me take mine out. She said she was finished with them, this ciggy was her last one, she wanted to quit starting in D.C. She chatted with us briefly, then went off to be alone and bid so long to a nasty habit. Then she walked back over to me and handed me e remaining if e pack she had lol ( no conspiracy theories, lectures or anything about being handed something from a stranger to take in a plane please lol) maybe she had something smuggled in that unopened pack, she had it resealed and is (turbulence) smuggling meth or heroin on board through me and when we land, either I will get detained and arrested, or she will tell me she changed her mind and could she please have her smokes back? Lol call me patty……

So we ate some lunch, shared a pantini sand which , got my free Starbucks I been saving for this trip and expires today lol Then sat and peopled watched and checked Facebook. Got the sweetest message from my baby girl Ashleigh that said “. “. I miss her too , so much! It seems crazy, I just saw her yesterday, and going a few weeks not seeing (more turbulence!) each other is not rare. But there is something different about being near and knowing if needed that person could be there shortly, and being far away and unable to get to them fast. Thanks for the message my “Princess Bitch” it made me smile and warm inside!

My favorite and most hated part of flying is the same. I love love take off! But I hate sitting there and then slowly taxing on the runway…… When the pressure drops in the cabin and oxygen is low, I feel like (turbulence!) I am willing myself to not pass out. (I am actually ) this flight I don’t seem to be recovering from it as fast, almost like they left the oxygen level a little lower then last (who ah! BI g turbulence there!) flight. (Insert how u feel here)

I am staring out the window and am just amazed at how this big hunk of metal, can be sailing like a bird in the sky. I know the bare basics how it happens, but I am examining the wing and feeling all the vibrations through my bones! I actually want to know more about how this works! I know saying this will please my boyfriend very much! He is an engineer (turbulence) and is always telling me how things are made, and he has experience in aviation, and lights up like a Christmas tree when I ask geeky questions! Lol It’s pretty hot actually lol

Ok, going to go read about global warming (something else that will please Mark lol) That’s all for now until probably bed time.

Man taking selfie when we got off…..

11:42 p.m Eastern Time

We made it here yay! It was a pretty ur eventful flight aside from so e turbulence. When we arrived we had to stick around and wait for Traci with a I and NOT IE! ( Better Traci? Hee hee ) nothing citing happened then either, except this one older man who kept aiming his phone at us, and we were thinking “wth? He is taking our pic??” To realize later he was taking selfies! Lol thought he was a dirty perv at first heh

Traci’s flight arrived about an hour later and the three of us were reunited and ready to cause some trouble in D.C. Tomorrow though….too tired tonight lol

Melissa’s cousin picked us up, she is letting us stay with her in Crystal City Virginia our first two nights, until we check into Gallaudet Wed. She lives in a nice building, right in a quaint little promenade. We walked around and got some. Grub and SAW FIREFLIES!! Or lighting bugs, whichever you call them! We all got giddy at that and every time we saw one we would squeal in delight! It was our first time seeing them! So amazing, I want to take them home and keep them forever!

Now we are back and getting ready for bed, it has been a long day. Melissa and I have been traveling since 5 a.m. We have a busy day tomorrow, going to the mall and hit some museums, then later go to the pentagon and see the 911 memorial there! I can’t wait I heard it is beautiful! I want to say a prayer there for all affected by it.

Good night friends……peace.

Here is a pic of us when we all finally were together 🙂


8 thoughts on “Houston we have a problem!

  1. Karen

    Sending hugs, kisses and the best of times to all three of you. You saw fireflys!!!! How cool:). Happy you had a safe journey and arrived with all your bags ( I hope:). Will look forward to your updates! Adventure on!!!!!

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