I am Human…..



I am Human.

I still get my feelings hurt.
I still hold grudges.
I still get mad.
I still get sad.
I still get stuck.
I am still human.

This are fleeting moments that pass when I remember I don’t have to do it like that anymore. Thoughts and emotions don’t have to run my life or me. I would get tripped up in these things for hours, days, weeks, and months. Poof. I recenter and recreate my future instantly. It molds to my consciousness. Higher, wiser, lover, freer, meer. (Made up words to shake things up.)

I notice lots happening right now around me. I’m aware of the old falling away and newness replacing it. Uncertainty can be uncomfortable. The soul growing pains are real. Especially when you are sensitive. Wherever your triggers are is an opening to let Light in, being broken open like a seed breaking through it’s casing to reveal a flower. It would scare the shit out of the seed. And no worries if every time you thought you were a butterfly, you realized you were busting out of a new cocoon. Being human is a wild ride.

As I look above at my itchy, stick shadow parts of me that I owned, I soften. I fill myself with love for all my hurt parts that linger within, all my fears and doubts I can’t shake. Does this mean I’m not a rockstar? Hell no! I’m a brave, brilliant, beautiful, badass! I have learned I can forgive without a sorry. I can love without it being return or for no reason. I have endless choices to make in each second. When I’m present, it’s crystal clear clarity Living your truth is the ultimate freedom. It’s when true Divine grace lives within you, no matter what the outside look like or judgements are projected. You’re okay, even if things seem like they are falling apart. You’re good. Trust that, peach. I’m right there with ya.

Blessed day to all!