I still remember the day when I first saw you. That evening I will never forget seeing your handsome face; that smart and ridged look, and those eyes that had a spark in them, that would make anyone melt. It was if I had known you for ages and ages. When I touched you, my soul became lost in yours. Now, it has been a long time since we met. It seems as if it was just yesterday, when I was with you. Holding your hand and walking along with you; hugging you and kissing you. My love increases for you every day and with every night, I long to be with you in your arms holding me tight. No matter how far we are or how much we fight… our Love will never fade away. The passion we have for each other will never diminish. We were, we are, and will stay connected with our souls and will never give up on the love we have for each other. You are my dream come true, my love, my best friend and my soulmate; a soulful love that will last forever.

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