Let them Pee in Peace



I applaud Target for their policy. This issue is so silly. Are we going to have bathroom police checking everyone’s DNA to decide what bathroom you can use? Just don’t let children go into bathrooms by themselves if you are worried about sexual predators. Women can be sexual predators too. And, in the past, I have used a man’s bathroom when it was empty and there was a long line for the women’s room. It didn’t make sense to wait. Just use common sense. This is all a tempest in teapot. We have much bigger battles to worry about, like dealing with climate change, getting toxins out of our environment, and preventing cancer.

It would not be a man going into a woman’s bathroom anyway, it would be a woman because that is how they identify. And yes, a man could dress as a woman and go into the woman’s bathroom, BUT that could also happen in non-gender neutral bathrooms as well. Sexual assault happens everywhere, sadly. The real problem isn’t people worrying about their child get sexually assaulted it’s that they are scared of people who are trans. It was never about water fountains before, and it isn’t about bathrooms now. It’s about people being uncomfortable with people who don’t identify with the gender they were born as. It really isn’t complicated.

What’s really going on with Targets restroom policy. Check your sources before you post bullcrap stories. The truth is transgender men & women have been using the restrooms of their choice for a long time. People just didn’t know they were transgender. The only difference now is that they aren’t being secretive about it any longer. The same was true years ago for homosexuals. It wasn’t considered normal so gays kept who they were secret to protect themselves against discrimination in order to keep their job (income) protected and to keep from getting physically assaulted. Just like back then for gays transgender people have now reached a tipping point and are now speaking out much more than before. And just like before truth and fairness will win out over persecution because this movement will educate people that transgender people are just like everyone else. They love and respect others and are standing up for their right to be respected too.

Here are the facts: zero assaults by transgender people towards children in bathrooms. Now, 21 transgendered women were killed last year by men. 1 out of six kids will be molested by a non trans  person in their lifetime. These same molesters once freed are allowed to use the same restroom as your child, yet I don’t see you bitching about that. Get it together people, I’m a woman and I have ZERO issue sharing a bathroom with anyone who identifies as a woman. I fear more the men out there who keep trying to pass laws that try to control my life. A trans woman is at a greater risk if she uses a man’s bathroom room. Stop spreading malicious hate filled propaganda. Educate yourself, and stop being a douche bag. Thanks, on behalf of people who think there are bigger issues in the world that need to addressed. Chances are you shared a bathroom many time with someone was transgender and didn’t even know it. Move on people!



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