Epitome of Pain



WordPress has a “Prompt of the Day” word. Today’s word is “Epitome” .  You take the word and write something it prompts you to write. I have not participated in this as of yet. I actually just learned of it today. I thought it sounded fun so here goes.

What came to mind for me first was a poem I wrote long ago. When I was in what I thought was the epitome of pain…….


I don’t know who I am anymore,

I am not the girl i was before.

Smiles still on the outside,

but deep within I cry.

Broken by heartache,

Overcome by fear. 

Putting on a strong face.

Hiding the tears.

Demons within me. 

Hellions to fight. 

Scratching and clawing

alone in the night.

Is it Karma,

sins or things done bad, 

To bring on this mania 

that drives me mad?

Did I really live life so wrong? 

Was I that bad a person I am paying now? 

Always hard on my luck, 

Always falling down.

Parasites that feed upon my soul. 

The stifling world around me. 

Dark, suffocating darkness,

no light. 

My life spinning out of control.

Drowning in my mistakes. 

A crack in my shell. 

I am shrouded in the tenebrosity of despair.

wondering in my private hell…….

Nothing can explain it. 

Only time alone can heal the pain. 

Must forgive myself. 

Then the suffering will no longer reign.




5 thoughts on “Epitome of Pain

    • That particular time was man many years ago and yes, it is over. But as life is a new painful period emerges and made me think of that poem again. But Ia m stronger now, so its all good 🙂 Thank you!!

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