Weekly Photo Challenge: “Spare”


Well this seems appropriate for my first time participating in The Daily Post‘s Weekly photo challenge, the word is “Spare“.  Why is it appropriate? Because I enjoy taking photographs in my spare time! So that is what my first photo entries will be some I have enjoyed taking in my spare time. 🙂

I have so many, but will add a few of my favorites 🙂


This was taken on a day of sailing in Southern California. What a great day! I squealed in delight as a school of dolphins surrounded our sailboat! One of my best days ever!!


We call this one “Lady Bug Porn” :::: chuckles ::: It was a beautiful February morning! We went hiking at Mt. Baldy. To our surprise it was lady bug mating season and millions, literally millions of lady bugs everywhere!! Another wonderful moment in my life!!


This was taken on one of our many day trips, frolicking, walking, sunbathing and  hiking at Laguna Beach, California. One of my favorite places to go locally!


A trip to Los Angeles Flower District, while in search of the perfect mother day gift, resulted in this shot.


On our drive to Reno every Thanksgiving we pass this beautiful Topaz Lake. This particular trip, we arrived at dawn and pulled over to watch the sun rise. It was a breathtaking moment and nice peaceful break from the long drive and hectic life.


I like to make friends wherever I go! Here is one I made while taking a stroll on  Huntington Beach Pier.


I can’t take credit for this, Mark took it. I just cleaned it up some. But one of my favorites! Driving home from a 5 day trip to Auburn, California, for a dear friends wedding,  we passed by Mt. Whitney and he got this shot. A great end to a wonderful long weekend.




This seems to be everyone’s favorite “selfie” shot! So I thought I would add it. While in Virginia City, I was taking a selfie and Mark decided to throw a snowball at me!!  Resulting in this great shot and laughter!


That’s all folk!! Thank you for sharing in some of my favorite “spare” moment memories!!


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