In Anger and Love


In anger, I will
make you bleed. I will
deny your soul, and stab at
your heart with words. I will
feel electricity in my hair,
and power pressure shall
shake my limbs. I will
burst open upon you,
and you shall die.

In love, I will
soothe your pain. I will
acknowledge your soul, and nurture
your heart with words. I shall
feel uplifted in body and mind,
and freedom of choice shall
move my limbs. I will
share god’s bounty with you,
and we shall live.



This post as in response to The Daily Post Prompt of the Day: Anger



2 thoughts on “In Anger and Love

    • Maybe slightly unstable!! ::: wink :::: It more showing the two differences…. the result anger brings, the results love brings and how each can make one feel. We have a choice which way we can choose to handle a situation. CHOOSE LOVE!!! 🙂

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