Let’s make cake!


Good Morning everyone! What a great day I had yesterday! Several prayers answered! I can’t start this one without giving praise and thanks to the lord! Thank you for answered prayers, thank you for the beauty that surrounds me, the people, opportunities, nature and the smiles that i encounter every day! Thank you for the little blessings and answered prayers you sneak into my life a little at a time. Its those little things I appreciate more then everything, while so many look for the “big things” I know that the morsels make up the cake and without them added slowly the finished product would not be as enjoyable and good. I want to savor each step as it happens, not just get it all over with now with nothing to anticipate! So thank you for submerging me into this new life and the rewards I know I will reap by staying true, patiance and having faith. Thank you for your love and grace and guidance on this every changing journey. Thank you for loving me, flaws and all.


Have a beautiful blessed day all of you….. No matter what is happening remember be strong, patience, positive and keep hope. The little ingredients are slowly being added to make the cake of your life! Sometime we fail to see them, but they are there and you will see the finished product soon and life will taste good! 🙂 keep smiling! Xoxo