Instead of complaining and thinking about what you’re not, start thanking God for what you are becoming!!

Have a fantastic day everyone, filled with a lot of love and smiles!!




Oil Spill in Ventura….The Truth About Oil Spills.


You might have read or heard about the  oil spill in Ventura, California this morning. As it just happened hours ago there is not a lot of information on the damages yet. But as more information is gathered, the environmental damages will be assessed in the coming days or weeks.

When I’ve heard about oil spills like this one throughout the past few years, my thought has been, “Why is this still a problem?” Surely we have some high-tech way to prevent these things, or clean them up faster. But the news continues to be tainted with these events … once in a while. Basing your knowledge on what you read or hear on the news alone, you’d probably assume that one or two oil spills occur each year. I know I would have.


But the truth is, oil spills occur daily, all over the world.

For example, in 2013, the media have covered two major spills: the spill in Thailand, and the Mayflower oil spill(caused by a pipeline break in Arkansas). 

But the EPA estimates that approximately 70 spills occur each day in the United States alone! Even though most of these are small and “don’t cause great damage,” their effects build up over time, polluting natural environments and resources, and killing wildlife.


What causes oil spills?

Oil spills can start from many different sources. Trucks, ships and other modes of transportation that carry oil sometimes crash or ignite, leaking oil into terrestrial or marine habitats. Another way that terrestrial or freshwater habitats can be contaminated is by pipeline breaks.

One of the worst forms of an oil spill is when explosions or malfunctions occur on ocean oil rigs. It can be hours or days before these leaks are detected, and by that point, thousands of gallons of oil could have already leaked into the ocean.


What are the consequences?

Not only is oil toxic but it also restricts the mobility and behavioral patterns of various plants and animals. For example, aquatic birds rely on their various layers of feathers for survival. Oil causes matting in these layers, which hinders the birds’ ability to float. It can also lead to hypothermia. These same problems affect sea otters, as well.

If a spill is due to an explosion, there is almost certainly fire involved. Oil is highly flammable and floats on water. This creates a barrier of floating fire that animals are unfamiliar with and do not have defenses to combat, especially if they are already coated in oil and have difficulty moving normally.

If a spill occurs inland, it will inevitably leak to local freshwater sources. This also hurts wildlife, but an even bigger problem is that the people who use these sources do not necessarily have resources to purify the water. There are many oil companies that drill in Africa, in or near impoverished areas. If these water sources are contaminated by a spill, the local people might not have the option of finding water elsewhere.


How can we help?

When I have heard reports of a major spill, my impulse reaction has been to stop buying gasoline from the company responsible for the spill. But this is not an effective method, since it ends up hurting the local gas station more than the company at large. What you can do is write letters or emails to the oil company, demanding more responsible practices and explaining how important environmental stewardship is to humanity’s wellbeing.

If you live near a coastal area, there are surely organizations with which you can work or volunteer to rehabilitate wildlife that has been injured by oil spills. The animals most commonly affected are sea birds, sea otters and sea turtles. This type of volunteering often requires extensive training and commitment, but it’s worth every hour spent.

Inland areas require different types of restoration. Planting trees is a great way to redeem almost any type of environmental damage. When oil burns, it releases harmful carbon dioxide, but trees can absorb this gas and convert it to oxygen. We have a project in the works that is committed to reforesting areas that have lost vegetation. Supporting this project will be an effective way to combat oil spill damage in developing nations. Please follow my page for more details soon to come!!


Photo above is of this mornings spill in Ventura, California. 

In Anger and Love


In anger, I will
make you bleed. I will
deny your soul, and stab at
your heart with words. I will
feel electricity in my hair,
and power pressure shall
shake my limbs. I will
burst open upon you,
and you shall die.

In love, I will
soothe your pain. I will
acknowledge your soul, and nurture
your heart with words. I shall
feel uplifted in body and mind,
and freedom of choice shall
move my limbs. I will
share god’s bounty with you,
and we shall live.



This post as in response to The Daily Post Prompt of the Day: Anger


Life is a Circus and You’re in Every Act




Do you ever feel like you are a clown juggling too many things at once, spinning too many plates? Maybe at times you feel like you are walking a tight rope without a safety net below? A lion tamer unable to tame the circumstances around you? Maybe you feel like you are a freak show to the world?

Beyond the wonder and magic of the circus, there is a lot we can learn from what happens under the big top. The circus, in many ways, is a metaphor for life — it’s crazy, unexpected, filled with a wild range of emotions. Under the big top, you can go from laughing your head off to holding your breath in fear in just a matter of moments. As in life, the circus is filled with some odd characters, many of which have a great deal of knowledge to share if only we look a little closer. Let’s pull back the curtain on the big top and see what life lessons we can find amid the sawdust and the sparkles…

Be the ringmaster. It’s your life. 

If life is a circus, then you should certainly be the star in your own ring. The ringmaster controls the show. The ringmaster is the most visible performer. The ringmaster is in charge. You can’t control everything in life, but there are many things you have the power to direct. Don’t let someone else be the ringmaster in your life. Take the reins (or the whip, in this case!) and remind yourself that you have the power to be in charge of this crazy circus we call life.


You’re on a tightrope. Keep your balance.

Just like the walk across the wire is for a tightrope walker, our lives will be most successful if we find balance. Lean too far in one direction and you’ll find yourself toppling over. Balance is not always easy to master when juggling relationships and jobs and passions, but it’s essential for living a positive and present life. Imagine yourself on a tightrope and ask yourself, “Am I leaning too far in one direction?” Don’t let one area of your life — no matter how important it might seem — distract you from achieving balance.


Toss your hat in the ring. Get involved. 

Like a circus coming to town, our lives are brief but wonderful. Don’t waste your life sitting on the sidelines. Get involved with activities, hobbies, friends, jobs. Say “yes” more than you say “no.” Do the things that scare you. Push your boundaries. Take the challenge of living life to the fullest. Life is a circus that’s magical to watch, but even more wonderful to participate in. Don’t waste your life being a spectator. Throw down your inhibitions and throw your hat into the ring.


Set up a sturdy net. You will need back-up.

No matter how balanced you try to be, you’ll make mistakes. You’ll slip and fall. Nothing could be worse than a fall without a net so make sure you have a strong network of people to help you get back up on your feet. You don’t need a lot of people — a few will do the trick — but you do need people who will catch you when you fall, who will dust you off, and who will help you get back up on your feet. You won’t often need your safety net, but you’ll be thankful you have it when you start to lose your balance.


Clown around. Life’s too short to be serious.

Even if you’re a bit wary of clowns (there’s just something not right about a painted-on smile…), it’s hard not to appreciate their ability to make life a comedy. Life is much too short to spend your time being serious. Take a lesson from the circus clowns and make a joke, share a laugh, do something so silly and outrageous that you make yourself crack up. Seriousness has it’s time and place, but it’s the silliness you’ll remember most. So clown around. Laugh.

Life is very much like the world under the big top — filled with the unexpected, the exciting, and the terrifying. It’s a lot to take in, but if you look closely, beyond the curtain, beneath the glitter, you’ll see the wisdom that lies behind the wonder and the whimsy…



Written in response to The Daily Post Daily Prompt: Circus

Blank, Broken, Empty, Numb……Healing


Daily Challenge Word of the Day: “Blank”


My initial gut reaction was to just leave this space, well …. “Blank”!

Then I started thinking about how blank I have been feeling inside. I recently been going through a break up with my long term boyfriend, who is also my best friend. There no words for how I feel inside, except “blank”. I am on auto pilot right now, going through the motions, hoping the empty spaces slowly fill back up. They will! I am sure of it! I think they already are. The pain is less every day. I have had some new people come into my life who are slowly helping me forget. Not to mention all the wonderful people already are in it. Forget the pain, never him or the memories. They are amazing and even IF it is over for good I will always be happy they happened. We had some of the best adventures together! I will hold onto those forever as I continue on my new journey and fill the blank space in my heart once again.  By the way……This is the first time I have talked or posted publicly about it. So I must be healing……..


Just a poem I wrote. Not a total reflection of how I feel now, but yes how I felt…….


To Live Again


Once we were lovers

Lost in our dreams

Not even using our names

Just dreaming about each other

Tears in my eyes

From the tears that I’ve cried

A never ending cycle

from the loneliness of mine

I hurt you badly,

cut you deep

I hurt me too,

our tears both seep

Why do I only see what I want

when it’s gone?

My dear,

this mess has all gone terribly wrong!

It’s wounded too much,

to go on living

Now you’re not here

my head is spinning

I cannot love

My heart is tainted

By the picture of love

You have painted

Can’t you see

you’re needed by my side

Without you

I’m tossed into the ocean

with my hands tightly tied

Now nothing pumps

but the empty blood in my veins

And nothing, no drug,

can cover these awful pains

I hate the fact, That I cry,

I hate the fact,

That inside I slowly die,

I want to feel my blood pumping again

I want us to be where we were back then.





Weekly Photo Challenge: “Spare”


Well this seems appropriate for my first time participating in The Daily Post‘s Weekly photo challenge, the word is “Spare“.  Why is it appropriate? Because I enjoy taking photographs in my spare time! So that is what my first photo entries will be some I have enjoyed taking in my spare time. 🙂

I have so many, but will add a few of my favorites 🙂


This was taken on a day of sailing in Southern California. What a great day! I squealed in delight as a school of dolphins surrounded our sailboat! One of my best days ever!!


We call this one “Lady Bug Porn” :::: chuckles ::: It was a beautiful February morning! We went hiking at Mt. Baldy. To our surprise it was lady bug mating season and millions, literally millions of lady bugs everywhere!! Another wonderful moment in my life!!


This was taken on one of our many day trips, frolicking, walking, sunbathing and  hiking at Laguna Beach, California. One of my favorite places to go locally!


A trip to Los Angeles Flower District, while in search of the perfect mother day gift, resulted in this shot.


On our drive to Reno every Thanksgiving we pass this beautiful Topaz Lake. This particular trip, we arrived at dawn and pulled over to watch the sun rise. It was a breathtaking moment and nice peaceful break from the long drive and hectic life.


I like to make friends wherever I go! Here is one I made while taking a stroll on  Huntington Beach Pier.


I can’t take credit for this, Mark took it. I just cleaned it up some. But one of my favorites! Driving home from a 5 day trip to Auburn, California, for a dear friends wedding,  we passed by Mt. Whitney and he got this shot. A great end to a wonderful long weekend.




This seems to be everyone’s favorite “selfie” shot! So I thought I would add it. While in Virginia City, I was taking a selfie and Mark decided to throw a snowball at me!!  Resulting in this great shot and laughter!


That’s all folk!! Thank you for sharing in some of my favorite “spare” moment memories!!

Epitome of Pain



WordPress has a “Prompt of the Day” word. Today’s word is “Epitome” .  You take the word and write something it prompts you to write. I have not participated in this as of yet. I actually just learned of it today. I thought it sounded fun so here goes.

What came to mind for me first was a poem I wrote long ago. When I was in what I thought was the epitome of pain…….


I don’t know who I am anymore,

I am not the girl i was before.

Smiles still on the outside,

but deep within I cry.

Broken by heartache,

Overcome by fear. 

Putting on a strong face.

Hiding the tears.

Demons within me. 

Hellions to fight. 

Scratching and clawing

alone in the night.

Is it Karma,

sins or things done bad, 

To bring on this mania 

that drives me mad?

Did I really live life so wrong? 

Was I that bad a person I am paying now? 

Always hard on my luck, 

Always falling down.

Parasites that feed upon my soul. 

The stifling world around me. 

Dark, suffocating darkness,

no light. 

My life spinning out of control.

Drowning in my mistakes. 

A crack in my shell. 

I am shrouded in the tenebrosity of despair.

wondering in my private hell…….

Nothing can explain it. 

Only time alone can heal the pain. 

Must forgive myself. 

Then the suffering will no longer reign.